50mm Sandpaper Discs Bulk Pack (25 Discs)

50mm Sandpaper Discs Bulk Pack (25 Discs)

These hook & loop backed sandpaper discs come in 2 sizes, 50 & 75mm, and are suitable for use on the Skilton Sanders or sanding pads.  There are 7 grits: 60,80,120,180,240,320 &500.

They are also available in packs that contain 5 discs of the following grits: 80,120,180,240,320 & 500. 

It is good quality sandpaper and hook & loop which means the discs will stay on your pad while sanding. 

If using a pad on a electric hand drill, avoid excessive speeds as this can damage the hook & loop.

Type: Sandpaper

Vendor: Skilton

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